Senior Editor Leaves Smithsonian's Book Division For Seed Magazine

seedmagazine Senior Editor Leaves Smithsonian's Book Division For Seed Magazine

T.J. Kelleher is leaving his senior editor position at the book publishing arm of The Smithsonian Institution for a job at science culture magazine Seed.

Mr. Kelleher’s last day at Smithsonian will be on Friday; he started there in the spring of 2005, soon after the company entered into a contract with HarperCollins by which all of their books would be published through the Collins imprint.

Mr. Kelleher has primarily edited science books at Smithsonian but also some history and travel writing, he said. Some of the authors he has worked with include University of Pennsylvania pediatrician Paul Offitt, FermiLab astrophysicist Dan Hooper, Fortune assistant managing editor Cait Murphy, and Story of Science-author Joy Hakim.

The authors Mr. Kelleher worked with at Smithsonian will be edited by executive editor Elizabeth Dyssegaard on a temporary basis once Mr. Kelleher leaves.

At Seed, Mr. Kelleher said, he’ll be able to refocus his attentions on science, which is what he studied in college and what he did as an editor of Natural History before joining Smithsonian.

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