Shvo-volving Door: Many Vacancies at Former Wunderkind's Firm

Michael Shvo’s eponymous firm dominates the job board recently launched by The Real Deal magazine. Of the 16 help-wanted ads on the board, 11 are from Shvo. (Only seven are actually labeled as coming from Shvo; the other four come from an unnamed “top international luxury real estate branding, marketing and sales firm” that has a partner list conspicuously similar to Shvo’s.)

Page Six wrote in December that Mr. Shvo’s office had “become a revolving door of miserable workers” thanks to his allegedly abusive treatment. Now, his firm is all at once looking for: a sales agent; a project director; a PR manager; an executive vice president of marketing; a vice president of sales; a chief financial officer; and more.

Some of the ads ask job candidates the million-dollar question: Are you ready to SHVO?

Well, are you?