Spitzer and Hillary, Schumer and Aubertine

Michael Crowley writes that Hillary Clinton is going to have a harder time winning California than her campaign thinks.

Greg Sargent reports on the Clinton campaign’s internal divisions over whether to stay in the race after a New Hampshire loss.

Eliot Spitzer steps up for Clinton and says, “This is a long-term campaign, and I have every confidence in Hillary.”

Chuck Schumer spent the day upstate stumping for Assemblyman Darrel Aubertine.

Among Obama’s final arguments: Clinton is too careful, Edwards is too angry.

Jonathan Martin finds an unexpected metaphor in the breakdown of the McCain press bus.

Christine Quinn responds to the diatribe in the Daily News from the Madison Square Garden folks.

With some caution, Steven Stark says already that this is a “year of the outsider.”

Read these results cautiously, but Rasmussen’s newest tracking poll shows Clinton’s national lead having plummeted.

Duncan Hunter walks onto the set of a Morning Joe, shakes hands, claps Chris Matthews’ shoulder and reminds them several times that he got a delegate in Wyoming.

Spitzer and Hillary, Schumer and Aubertine