Survey: Indy Bloomberg Would Deliver N.Y. to Democrats

An independent presidential campaign by Michael Bloomberg isn’t very popular with New York State voters, but it would virtually guarantee that Rudy Giuliani doesn’t carry his homestate’s 31 electoral college votes, according to a new WNBC/Marist poll [that’ll be posted here shortly].

“Democrats Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would both carry New York State against any of four potential Republican nominees with Bloomberg in the race as an independent candidate,” according to the release. “Former Mayor Rudy Giulaini is not the strongest Republican in a three-way matchup in New York. McCain comes closest to carrying New York for the Republicans.”

While 60 percent of voters support building a third party to run a credible presidential candidate, 27 percent said they do not want Michael Bloomberg to run for president. And only 12 percent said they thought he could actually win.