The Afternoon Wrap: Monday

“The churches of the divine sneaker”: A guide to the city’s best sneaker shops. [NY Magazine]

Children of immigrants in New York City are five times as likely as other children to suffer from lead poisoning, report says. [NYC Deptartment of Health via Gotham Gazette]

The MTA didn’t avert any terrorist plots with its “See Something, Say Something” campaign, but they did get a few prank calls, some fake bomb threats, and 11 reports of people counting ominously. [City Room]

Shadowing New York’s commuters on the Long Island Railroad. [City Room]

Ex-Dallas Cowboy developing upscale Forest Hills project. [NYDN]

Will Coney Island information session tonight be public policy or political theater? [Gowanus Lounge]

Middle-class residents getting priced out of the city. [Crain’s]

The New York City dining diemma for veggies and meatheads. [Gridskipper]

The Afternoon Wrap: Monday