The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday

Donuts join truffle infused mac ‘n’ cheese as the latest “working-class” food trend in New York haute cuisine. [Gridskipper]

Moscow circus troupe comes to city’s biggest Russian enclave. [NYDN]

Small businesses getting priced out of Fulton Street in Brooklyn… surprise, surprise: some blame Atlantic Yards. [NYDN]

“Stunt Junky” fights for right to parachute off the Empire State Building. [City Room]

Drunk interrupts last night’s rally against Coney Island rezoning plan. [Gowanus Lounge]

East Village coalition tries to tame the spread of chains in the city. [Villager]

Protesters taunt Goldman Sachs employees by singing “Frosty the Goldman.” [Consumerist]

Feud between rival hipster lofts grips Bushwick. [Gawker]

The Afternoon Wrap: Tuesday