The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday

College grads priced so far out of Manhattan, they are forced to live on a houseboat. [NY Times]

Christmas ends late in Dyker Heights, land of the 20-foot snowman. [NY Times]

Before they were chains: the Lost City blog looks at some of the historic buildings that are now home to Starbucks. [Lost City]

New York City comedian moves into a NJ Ikea store while his Manhattan apartment gets fumigated. [Seattle Times via Buzztracker]

Annual “No Pants Subway Ride” will take place on the 6 train this Saturday. [Gridskipper]

MTV creates a virtual Lower East Side, with no luxury condos, no avatars under 30, and a Katz’s Deli. [Jeramiah’s Vanishing New York]

Authorities raid Chinatown fishmarkets for banned blackfish. [Village Voice]

Q&A with free transit activist Ted Kheel. [Gothamist]

The Afternoon Wrap: Wednesday