The Battle for New Hampshire

Ron Paul Wouldn’t Support Any Other Republican


After playing his usual punching bag role in last night’s Republican debate, Ron Paul found himself surrounded by his most devoted and fervent friends on Sunday afternoon.

The occasion was Paul’s keynote address at the annual convention of the Free State Project, a group of libertarians who are essentially trying to colonize New Hampshire.MORE …

Obama Campaign Says Hillary Tries to ‘Rewrite History’ on Iraq War


Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton emails a statement on Hillary Clinton’s Iraq comment in Nashua: “Hillary Clinton may try to rewrite history, but it’s hard to believe she didn’t know what would happen after she voted for a resolution with the title ‘A Resolution to Authorize the Use of United States Armed Forces Against Iraq.’ MORE …

The Fellowship: Viggo Stand With Dennis Kucinich


The actor Viggo Mortensen was so ticked off by the exclusion of Dennis Kucinich from last night’s debates that he got on the red eye to New Hampshire. He stood on a table with the Democratic candidate in the storefront headquarters in Concord, N.H., this afternoon, and spoke softly about the debates. “You have four people up there, no disrespect to any of them, who are cherrypicking from what Dennis is talking about.” MORE …

Hillary Says She Wouldn’t Have Gone to War in Iraq If She Were President


A young girl in the crowd at a Nashua high school just asked Hillary Clinton how she knows she would not have gone to war in Iraq like President Bush if she were president. Clinton said this:

“After 9/11, I would never have taken us to war in Iraq.”MORE …

Rudy Watch: Setting a Bar (High) at Ron Paul


The twenty-odd reporters waiting for Rudy Giuliani in a Radisson hotel room on the New Hampshire-Massachusetts border are talking Ron Paul. One reporter has a bet going that Paul will get more than 11 percent in the primary. Nobody present is willing to take the other side of that bet. MORE …

Clinton Supporter Likes Her Answers, Dislikes Her Negativity


Pat Aurenz, a 45-year-old undecided voter from Nashua, didn’t have a problem with Hillary Clinton saying she would not have gone to war in Iraq as president. “She voted to go to war based on information that was a bunch of lies,” said Aurenz, who sat in the bleachers at a Hillary event in Nashua with her husband (an Obama supporter) and daughter. MORE …

Clinton: Change “You Can Count On”


Last night’s debate was not a fluke.

Hillary Clinton is wagering the success of her campaign in New Hampshire, and possibly her entire candidacy, on her ability to destroy the reputations of Barack Obama and John Edwards as change-makers.

After building them up as making a “tremendous contribution to this campaign” and offering “service to our country,” in a Nashua high school just now, she fervently went about the business of knocking them down.MORE …

Lots of Lifetime Women Undecided, With Lots of Reservations About the Female Candidate


What will happen on primary day if 50 percent of the women voters of New Hampshire are still undecided this weekend?

On Saturday morning, Lifetime Television convened a meeting of local women. At the end of a program of speakers that included Martha Burk (of Augusta National Golf Club protests fame), who is currently serving as Bill Richardson’s senior adviser for women’s issues, the audience took part in a straw poll. MORE …

Axelrod Mocks ‘Sad’ Clinton Attacks


After last night’s debate, Barack Obama’s chief adviser David Axelrod assumed the posture of a disappointed observer who was hurt by the Clintons’ decision to go negative.

“They are trying to create doubts. It’s classic strategy,” he said, adding, “I thought one of the telling things Senator Clinton said tonight was let’s not give people ‘false hope.’ I think that’s a sad thing to say.” MORE …


The Battle for New Hampshire