The (Big) Round-Up: Monday

The Port Authority defends costly excavation delays at World Trade Center site. [NY Times]

Fast-casual restaurant chains appealing to New York "foodies" are proliferating in the city. [NY Times]

New York’s real estate market is expected to slump in 2008. [NY Times]

In fight to preserve a dairy stable in the path of Columbia’s expansion, an industrial archeologist uncovers the history of milk production in the area. [NY Times]

The number of condo conversions fell in 2007, but renters should not let their guard down. [NY Times] 

A Riverside Drive townhouse sold for $15.75 million, a record for the Upper West Side. [NY Times] 

Moby finds buyer for his $7.5 million, El Dorado apartment, but co-op board rejects the application. [NY Times]

Residents of Nassau’s last trailer park fight eviction notices from the developer who purchased land. [NY Times] 

City spent millions to keep Staten Island ferry running last year as the number of passengers dwindled. [NY Post] 

Activists balk as developers move in on park land near Yankee Stadium. [NY Post] 

Critics of Mayor Bloomberg’s congestion pricing scheme warned that there is no way to guarantee revenue goes towards mass transit improvements. [NY Post]

City hires "rodentologist" to implement $1.5 million rat inspection pilot-program in the Bronx. [NY Post] 

East Harlem residents fight to save community garden from residential development. [NYDN]

Parks Commission is considering a $500 million proposal to restore the Ridgewood Reservoir. [NYDN]  

Waterfalls to be installed in East River as part of a public art project. [NY Sun] 

The three Cunard Queen ships met in NY Harbor for the first and last time Sunday night. [NY Sun] 

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