The Day in Gossip: Lindsay Lohan’s Finance Woes; Paul McCartney’s Free and Clear!

Comedian Chris Rock brought the house down with laughs and applause at his sold-out New Year’s Eve performance at MSG.

Lindsay Lohan’s finances are not so hot right now.

White-shoe lawyers for Britney Spears quit yesterday, apparently because of a “breakdown in communication.”

Diane Keaton
doesn’t mind being older and unmarried.

Wyclef Jean got carried away on a live MTV show and invited “everybody” to his Saddle River, NJ, home for New Year’s.

After Dina Lohan learned that Lindsay’s ex, Riley Giles, sold his story to Britain’s News of the World, she called his mother.

In a relatively major procedure, Paul McCartney had his clogged arteries cleared last fall, his rep confirmed.

ABC anchor Bob Woodruff has recovered completely after being wounded by a bomb in Iraq two years ago.

Former Dawson’s Creek actor Joshua Jackson forced guests to leave the penthouse suite at the Soho Grand on New Year’s Eve.

Musician Pete Wentz told a videographer at a New Year’s party that he wanted his girlfriend, Ashlee Simpson, to practice the countdown so she wouldn’t “[bleep] it up.”

Director Ang Lee had trouble shooting the sex scene in his new film; it took him two weeks to do.

The US publication of Lady Colin Campbell’s roman-a-clef is sure to displease Lily Safra.

Pamela Anderson
was seen in Vegas with her ex-boyfriend, who is only 5’ 5”.

The “Jints”—a fake football team in I Am Legend—and the New England Patriots are in “separate conferences,” so they couldn’t play one another as the film suggests.