The Meaning of Iowa for Bloomberg '08

What’s the conventional wisdom on how the Iowa results affect Michael Bloomberg’s possible presidential bid?

Edward Isaac-Dovere says it’s good.

Bloomberg would likely be able to grab many social moderate Republicans who feel that Huckabee, a former Baptist minister with very strongly conservative views on abortion and gay marriage, is too far to the right to support.


And Bloomberg could easily co-opt Obama’s driving message of change.

Martin Kady II says it’s bad.

Bloomberg must also look hard at the results of the Iowa caucuses on Thursday in which the two candidates preaching experience and competency — Mitt Romney and Hillary Rodham Clinton — were trounced by Mike Huckabee and Barack Obama, two candidates relying more on inspiration and an appeal to their party’s ideological base.


Qualities like competence and problem-solving are nice in a candidate, but don’t bring out the populist anger that has propelled third-party candidates like Ross Perot and Ralph Nader.


Who’s right?