The Morning Read: Friday, January 4, 2008

Barack Obama’s victory was “a powerful answer to the question of whether America was prepared to vote for a black person for president,” writes Adam Nagourney.

Daily Kos spots some editing in another New York Times story explaining Obama’s victory.

The Des Moines Register has totals here.

Rudy Giuliani was, basically, “a no show,” in the caucus.

Ed Rollins predicts a five-point victory in New Hampshire for his candidate, Mike Huckabee.

Obama had lots of support among women, which Hillary Clinton was banking on.

Darren Dopp will have to turn over his diary to the commission investigating Eliot Spitzer.

Grace Rauh gets a copy of the new book by Doug Schoen, who tells her he’s spoken at length with Kevin Sheekey.

Michael Bloomberg will reduce the number of parking placards the city distributes, but it‘s unclear how many are out there “because they have been given out by multiple agencies with no central accounting.”

Al Sharpton writes, “a Bloomberg candidacy centered on education as a civil right would be good for America.”

Dick Morris writes Hillary Clinton‘s “argument of experience only reinforced her phoniness,” and called the loss “a stinging personal defeat.”

On Hillary’s speech, Michael Goodwin writes “she ticked off mind-numbing policy plans” and “probably lost a few early votes in New Hampshire, too.”

In Iowa, Errol Louis writes, “Nobody saw it coming.”

The New York Times editorial board wants other states besides Iowa and New Hampshire to play a role in electing presidents.

And the New York Sun makes the case, again, for a Bloomberg presidential candidacy.

The Morning Read: Friday, January 4, 2008