The Morning Read: Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rudy Giuliani’s local supporters are still having doubts.

Hillary Clinton continues to push the idea, inspired by Barack Obama’s recent comments, that a president needs to be a hands-on manager, not just an adviser.

Bill Clinton is going to western New York.

The former President also very emphatically defended his wife’s position on the Nevada caucus lawsuit.

Which the court will likely rule on today.

Michael Bloomberg will cut spending rather than raise taxes, reports Diane Cardwell–who says it’s a “more politically pleasing path.”

That tax decision is a sign of Bloomberg “attempting to differentiate himself from the Democratic presidential candidates in advance of a possible White House run,” writes Grace Rauh.

More people get food stamps under Bloomberg than did under Giuliani.

A senior at Truman State University writes, “Dear Michael Bloomberg, For the love of all that’s good in the world, please run. Something needs to change.”

The influential Las Vegas Review Journal endorses Mitt Romney.

Darren Dopp’s lawyer was subpoenaed by state investigators–they want to know if Dopp was forced to sign a sworn statement that he later contradicted.

In his State of the Upstate speech, Eliot Spitzer proposed a $1 billion economic stimulus package and told an audience in Buffalo, “we rise and fall together.”

Conservative economist E.J. McMahon says Spitzer’s plan “doesn’t add up.

Spitzer’s campaign paid fines for putting up posters.

Also, $325,000 in fines were paid by city lobbyists and their clients.

Who is the next Randi Weingarten?

It doesn’t seem like John McCain has ruled out Joe Lieberman as a running mate.

The Orange County Executive will not run against freshman Representative John Hall.

Elizabeth Hays reports that “Through a spokeswoman, [Marty] Markowitz complained that it was unfair of the Daily News to single out his parking practices.”

Gail Collins writes, “Likability has become another one of those qualities that used to be desirable in a candidate until it started reminding us of how we got George W. Bush.”

There’s a group that wants to draft Lou Dobbs for President.

And Maureen Dowd gets medical attention on Air Force One.

The Morning Read: Thursday, January 17, 2008