The Morning Read: Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Consultant Joe Mercurio gives Michael Bloomberg a 50-50 chance of winning the presidential race, should he actually run.

Grace Rauh wonders if Bloomberg’s oft-stated denials about a bid could be used against him.

Bloomberg advisor Kevin Sheekey has already thought about this problem.

In amNew York, David Freedlander writes, “the race to the White House is going to pass through Grand Central Terminal.”

Rudy Giuliani will push for a troop surge in Afghanistan later today.

Hillary Clinton’s final, two-minute appeal to voters that will air tonight in Iowa is out.

John Edwards talks about wanting American troops out of Iraq in 10 months.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Edwards outlines his plan to end “corporate abuses.” [subscription]

Hillary Clinton is banking on newcomers to show up to caucus tomorrow.

Not every Iowa voter will be able to participate in the caucuses.

There were fewer visitors, but more bits of advice, for Eliot Spitzer during his annual open house on New Year’s Day.

Is Robert Kennedy, Jr., looking to run for Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat?

New Jersey lawmakers may apologize for slavery.

Michael Goodwin predicts that “the governor probably hasn’t hit bottom yet.”

Roger Simon wonders if Clinton should have pulled out of the race to win the caucus in Iowa.

Juan Gonzalez doesn’t like the fact that tax dollars are going to pay for free valet parking at the new Yankee Stadium.

The New York Post editorial board wonders if Spitzer can live up to his promise not to raise taxes.

The Daily News editorial board wants “Spitzer 2.0” to push for reform in Albany and stop saying things that aren’t true.

And two witnesses come forward to describe what they saw during Dennis Kucinich’s U.F.O. experience.

The Morning Read: Wednesday, January 2, 2008