The Morning Read: Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The influential culinary union in Las Vegas is now apparently torn between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

The Nevada SEIU endorsed Obama.

Hillary Clinton’s victory in New Hampshire was due to strong support from registered Democrats and women.

And also turnout.

Charles Hurt thinks McCain’s New Hampshire victory was great news for Rudy Giuliani.

Jonathan Martin points out that Giuliani now faces the prospect that he will not place any better than third in any primary as he heads into his Florida “firewall.”

After his speech last night Obama’s staff scattered.

Mike Gravel is still in it.

The City Council vote on the city clerk has been postponed.

Khalil Gibran Academy gets its third principal.

Doug Schoen says Michael Bloomberg “is really the catalyst of a large movement in American politics.”

Michael Goodwin thinks Bloomberg is just a “big tease.”

The Chairman of the Empire State Development Corporation gave a $5 million contract to a company in which his wife holds a senior position.

Jon Corzine proposed a drastic toll increase in New Jersey yesterday.

The congestion pricing commission will look at the three alternative plans tomorrow.

The City Council will hold a hearing on the M.T.A.’s rider report cards.

And Scott Stringer is not a fan of the mayor’s proposal for testing the air for chemical and biological substances. 

The Morning Read: Wednesday, January 9, 2008