The Round-Up: Friday

Property owner refuses to part with four buildings in the path of Columbia’s planned expansion. [NY Times]

New Yorkers are paying more than ever to heat their homes this winter. [NY Times] 

Revenues fell at most Atlantic City casinos in 2007, report says. [NY Times] 

Judge considers plan to give private schools priority on sports fields at Randalls Island. [NY Times] 

Bank of America agrees to buy the nation’s biggest mortgage lender, Countrywide, for $4 billion in stock. [NY Times]

City health officials mounting new offensive against rats in the Bronx. [NY Post] 

The Million Trees NYC project chose a 100-year-old beech tree in Central Park as the first of 25 historic trees to be cloned. [NY Post]

The Brooklyn House of Detention will be expanded without a luxury condo complex nearby. [NYDN] 

The FAA’s overhaul of jet routes between Philadelphia and New York could mean more noisy neighborhoods. [NY Sun] 


The Round-Up: Friday