The Round-Up: Thursday

Average price of an apartment roses tp $1.4 million in fourth quarter of ’07. [NY Times]

Gentrification of downtown White Plains makes low-income residents uneasy. [NY Times]

"Home office life and its discontents": Design solutions for growing number of Americans working at home. [NY Times]

Photography book chronicles the anarchy ruling over life in 42 "punk houses". [NY Times]

The collapse of Levitt and Sons, the first big contracting company to declare bankruptcy in the current slump, shows housing crisis spreading beyond subprime borrowers. [NY Times]

Mortgage related write-downs at financial firms are expected to continue into the new year. [NY Times]

After being fired for mismanaging the Brooklyn Bridge Park development, Wendy Leventer takes better paying job at Hudson Yards Development Corp. [NY Post]

Manhattan defies slump. [NY Post] 

Home prices soar 2007. [NYDN] 

Average value of New York apartment sky-rockets in dollar terms, but plunges in gold value. [NY Sun] 

Writers want pens to stop Atlantic Yards. [NY Sun]

Molten salt could store enough solar energy to power up to 500,000 homes per year. [NY Sun] 

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