The Round-Up: Wednesday

Big makeovers for office buildings outside of midtown. [NY Times]

City Council plans session at Deutsche Bank building. [NY Times]

Construction of midair park continues at defunct railway site on Far West Side. [NY Times]

Deal to buy residential mortgage company collapses because banks failed to finance transaction. [NY Times]

Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts chain, which caters solely to bussiness travelers, hires pro golfer Phil Mickelsen as spokesman. [NY Times]

Coney Island landowner Joe Sitt wants to circumvent a city contract to sell Bond Street garage. [NY Post]

Coney Island community activist said she’s close to finalizing a deal to develop a roller-rink there. [NY Post]

State subsidy will fund free, VIP parking lot at the new Yankees stadium. [NYDN]

New ferry operator took over “Liberty route” in the New York Harbor from the Circle Line Tuesday. [NYDN]

Injured window washer plans to file a “substantial lawsuit” when he recovers from the 47-story drop. [NYDN]

The “(whatever floats your) boat show” at the Jacob Javits Center. [NY Sun]

The Coalition Against Hunger launches Web site to match prospective volunteers with shelters and soup kitchens around the city. [NY Sun]

The Round-Up: Wednesday