The Week in Music, Video Edition: Now You Sia, Now You Don't, It's Just a Marah!

Sia—aka Sia Furler—does for little blacks sandals what Rihanna did for umbrellas. It’s not hip-hop, but it’s plenty catchy. (Check out her Web site, where she channels Miranda July.) You may recognize her voice from her work with Jamiroquai (or maybe not) or from Six Feet Under, which used her song, Breathe Me, in its finale. Her new album is Some People Have Real Problems.


Listen to Kate Nash and you’ll immediately think of Lily Allen: she’s British—from Middlesex!—ironic, has a similarly reedy voice, and her first single, “Foundations,” off her new album, Made of Bricks, displays a penchant for storytelling. This is not necessarily a bad thing …


Wisely’s pop ballad “Through Any Window” is one of Jenna Fisher’s (The Office) “favorite songs of all time.” Why does it matter? Well, she cameos in the song’s (somewhat cryptic) video. If want to hear the rest of the LP, Wisely, his label is streaming it here.


If you’ve seen Juno, then you’ll instantly recognize this little diddy, “Anyone Else But You,” by the Moldy Peaches, but performed by Ellen Page and Michael Cera, as the heartbreakingly cute duet which ends the movie. If you haven’t seen Juno, proceed with caution, as you will not be able to resist its charms much longer. The soundtrack comes out today.


The lead singer of the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Philadelphia band Marah has the pale, on the verge of an overdose look about him, which helps to add to the aura this rock band is trying very hard to capture with its”Replacements-meets-Springsteen” sound. See for yourself. Their new album is entitled Angels of Destruction.

The Week in Music, Video Edition: Now You Sia, Now You Don't, It's Just a Marah!