This Is the Republican Front-Runner

mikehuckabeechucknorris This Is the Republican Front RunnerMike Huckabee and his friend Chuck Norris held a rally in the gymnasium of New England College in Henniker, N.H., a little after 4 p.m. today.

“Do you really think they had this much fun at Hillary’s rally?” Huckabee said, after playing a few songs on the bass guitar with a local band.

He introduced Chuck Norris.

Norris told a story about people from the Middle East who come to the U.S. and buy things and load them on private planes and do not pay taxes. It annoyed Chuck Norris when USA Today called Huckabee a Baptist minister, like he “just stepped out of the pulpit.”

“Chuck Norris for president,” screamed an audience member.

Huckabee took the microphone.

“What about Chuck Norris for secretary of defense?”

Huckabee talked about his Iowa victory.

“Money and politics isn’t as important and message and politics,” he said.

Iowa “wasn’t for sale,” he continued. “They weren’t even for ransom.”

Later he asked “how long are we going to allow people in the Middle East to enslave us” with oil.

“We need to tell the Saudis that we don’t need your oil anymore than we need your sand in the future,” he said.

He is not a fan of the I.R.S. “When you get mugged, it only takes a few seconds, and they only get what you have on you. But the I.R.S. comes for everything you have.”

He also advocates taxing the “drug dealers, the prostitutes and the illegals.”