Thursday, January 3rd

Frenchmen are on a roll! Monsieur Sarkozy trades in the ole ball and chain for tarte tatin Carla Bruni, a younger model (at Euro-Disney, no less: Can you smell the envy emanating from a certain ex-U.S. President?) while jovial master chef Daniel Boulud goes casual with a charcuterie joint (i.e., fancy pâtés and terrines) near Lincoln Center (still to come: his downtown hamburger joint. Who says New York is for the rich?). Bar Boulud opened for the night on New Year’s Eve, but tonight le chef hosts a private opening reception for his chef amis and eating’s upper class, who, naturally, never have to pay to eat. Those who do can start lining up mid-January. Formidable!

[Bar Boulud opening reception, 1900 Broadway, 6:30 p.m., invite only]