True to Form, Bloomberg Downplays Iowa, Criticizes Process

During his weekly call-in to John Gambling’s radio show, Michael Bloomberg downplayed the significance of the results from Iowa and criticized the process for not forcing the presidential candidates to have more detailed answers on issues of health care, the economy and foreign relations.

When asked specifically about Hillary Clinton’s strong support among older voters, and Barack Obama’s strength among younger voters, Bloomberg said, “I’m not there to handicap, and I think you can’t read an awful lot into any one state’s election . The dynamics and in fact, in the case in iowa, the process is very different than in any place else. But what is clear is that the candidates in a form, an abbreviated form, did try to address issues and the public did have a chance to quiz them on it. And it gives the people of new Hampshire next, I guess, some information for them to make their informed choices.”

He added, “The first week in February there’ll be lots of primaries. And I don’t know if we’ll have anybody picked by then. It could very well go off well into March.”

Earlier in the interview, Bloomberg said, “I would just like to get them to address the important issues with more specificity of what they’ll actually do to solve the problem of who is going to pay for health care, and what are we going to do overseas and how are we going to keep our economy – which seems to be slowing down – how are we going to get that going. How are we going to make sure that everyone shares and that the tax burden is fairly distributed.”

He also said, “Everybody has different ideas, but the process, I don’t think has, forced – or maybe the press is at fault. And you know, my company is in that business, I’m not pointing fingers at others. Somehow or other, we have to get the candidates to answer specifically.”

True to Form, Bloomberg Downplays Iowa, Criticizes Process