Tube Surfing: Moby "Alice"


Here’s the video for “Alice,” a track of Moby’s new album Last Night, set for release in late March. This is what the man himself has to say about it (from his blog):

The video was directed by andreas nillson(who’s directed videos for the knife and jose gonzalez). my only input to the video was that i wanted to see a lot of things exploding. as a result it’s filled with lots of things exploding… this is kind of low-res version of the video, but in a way i think that almost makes it more interesting. i particularly love the fact that the video makes absolutely no sense(although it’s filled with monsters and exploding trucks). i hope you like it. oh, the song, ‘alice’ features the vocals of aynzli(from jamaica and the uk), the 419 crew(rappers from nigeria), and my friend lady rizo(a burlesque performer from brooklyn…). i hope you like it. moby