Tuesday, January 8th

It’s Tuesday: let’s learn something! First up, foodies’ heads explode as occasional hunter and suspiciously prolific writer Michael Pollan—Michael J. Fox’s brother-in-law to you, pal!—who has been on some kind of tear with those ethical eating books, including his latest, In Defense of Food—chats with Dan Barber, doe-eyed chef at Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Westchester (which is right up Mr. Pollan’s alley, given that you can gaze at your meal in a pasture and really look it in the eye, before it’s served to you) at the 92nd Street Y. The fellas will discuss “Hedonistic, Healthy and Green: Can We Have it All?” The answer is no, gentlemen, we cannot, and once you’ve made us feel sufficiently guilty for not seeking out organic strawberries farmed within seven miles of the East Village, we may as well finish ourselves off with a Samuel Beckett play at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM)! Happy Days, which The New York Times called (in 1961) “a song of rue that will haunt the inner ear long after you have heard it,” opens tonight, starring Beckett’s countrywoman Fiona Shaw as one-half of a couple “having only one another, and then hardly that.” Oh, bring it on!

[Michael Pollan and Dan Barber at the 92nd Street Y, 1395 Lexington Avenue, 8:15 p.m., www.92y.org; Happy Days, BAM Harvey Theater, 651 Fulton Street, 7:30 p.m., www.bam.org]