Wednesday, January 9th

Are you scared of those Spring Louis Vuitton bags? The ones created by Richard Prince and Marc Jacobs? If so, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that Mr. Prince is an actual artist, not just edge-for-hire for the fashion industry (see also his W magazine covers!) and today is your last day to catch a critical summation of his work at the Guggenheim. Also of interest to people who care about art, ubiquitous artist-filmmaker-big-eater Julian Schnabel appears at The Times’ Arts & Leisure Week—the Gray Lady’s version of The New Yorker festival—discussing the connection between painting and film with Times writer Lynn Hirschberg. Nine days into 2008 and already our head hurts.

[Richard Prince: Spiritual America at the Guggenheim, 1071 Fifth Avenue, 212-423-3500; Julian Schnabel at Arts & Leisure Week, 242 West 41st Street, 8 p.m.,]