W.G.A. Won't Picket Grammys

The Writers Guild of America decided not to picket the Grammy Awards telecast, organizers announced yesterday. “This really creates a comfortable environment for everybody to come,” said Neil Portnow, chief executive of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Though it is unclear whether writers guild members will be able to write for the Feb. 10 ceremony, Mr. Portnow said, “we’ve got time” until the program and added that, “with all due respect to the writers, we’re really about the music.”

The striking writers also dropped their demand for extended jurisdiction over reality and animation work and agreed to extend informal talks with Hollywood production companies, according to The New York Times.

The decision to drop the jurisdiction demand removed a major impediment to reaching a deal similar to last week’s settlement between the production companies and the Directors Guild of America. In a letter to members, leaders of the Writers Guild of America West and the Writers Guild of America East said they would continue efforts to organize reality and animation writers, but would do so apart from the contract negotiation.