Where ‘Even Nixon Could Get Laid’: Dating Doyenne Joy Browne Sells Chelsea Pad for $3.2 M.

Even though Dr. Joy Browne has written Getting Unstuck: 8 Simple Steps to Solving Any Problem (she also did It’s a Jungle Out There, Jane: How to Understand the Male Animal In Your Life), and even though she has the country’s longest-running call-in therapy show on the radio, she couldn’t handle bathroom renovations in her penthouse at the Grand Chelsea on West 17th Street.

“I have a Ph.D., I went to graduate school, I’m smart—and I was going to set my face on fire. … I couldn’t pick out the damn tiles,” Dr. Browne told The Observer.

So she left. According to deeds, she just sold the 1,625-square-foot, four-room duplex penthouse for $3.29 million to the art publishers Martin Bondell and Juliette Galant.

“I think every apartment I’ve ever lived in, they’ve said, ‘Even Nixon could get laid here,’” said Dr. Browne, a divorcee, quoting her friends. Do women think of apartments as “pads”? “Women think of their homes as a safe place. Lots of people that know me have never seen my apartment.”

Yet the apartment comes with a Jacuzzi, and she replaced the wood-burning hearth in her 27-foot-long living room with a gas fireplace—two universal symbols of bachelorhood. “It never got the walls crappy. … All my walls were white,” she said. “I tend to whitewash everything.”

She’s also leaving behind a massive upstairs terrace, which opened up onto her bedroom. But Dr. Browne did her writing in the extra bedroom downstairs, which had a view of the World Trade Center. “When I got bored with writing, I would look in the window for a while, water the geraniums or something. Having two great views is a problem when you’re writing.” (Getting Unstuck was written there, she said, along with the official Dating for Dummies.)

Curiously, Wikipedia lists her birth year as 1944, though Dr. Browne said she just turned 56. “I’m the first Scorpio, you’re the last,” she told this reporter, who recently had a birthday, too. “We’re really loyal friends, but very bad enemies. And we’re very sexy.”

Where ‘Even Nixon Could Get Laid’: Dating Doyenne Joy Browne Sells Chelsea Pad for $3.2 M.