Whitman Downplays Bloomberg ’08, Gennaro Flack Turns Jounalist

Former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman throws cold water on the Michael Bloomberg speculation, which got a boost from news that he’s attending a bi-partisan meeting in Oklahoma to discuss the 2008 campaign. Whitman said, “Unfortunately, what has been planned as a bipartisan effort to address the crippling divisiveness of our current political atmosphere is being reported as the potential beginning of a third party. That was never the intent.”

Jim Gennaro’s spokeswoman, Lee Landor, is leaving her job to return to her career as a journalist, taking a job with the Queens Chronicle, reports Liz.

Rep. Joe Crowley’s communication’s director Rohit Mahajan is leaving his job to become the press secretary for Herb Kohl of Wisconsin.

Albany reporters are set to host their L.C.A. show–lampooning elected officials near and far–on May 31.