Who Has the Best Press Pass At Sundance?

Everywhere we’ve gone so far in Park City has had the buzzy feeling of anticipation of things to come. The Sundance makeover of the quaint ski town (where a ski lift really does come in straight through to the center of town! Seriously! It’s crazy!) is nearly complete: Main Street is chockablock with delivery trucks, the last vestiges of local color replaced by freshly made awnings and familiar signage (Fred Segal! Cadillac Lounge!). But the premiere of In Bruges, the Martin McDonagh film starring Colin Farrell and Brenden Gleeson kicks of the festival, doesn’t get going till 6 p.m. So this has left plenty of time for milling about. There are a lot of New Yorker/Los Angeleno-looking types (new shiny boots and shades), stomping around and looking for something to happen. In the big media headquarters, there’s a lot of journalistic sniffing about, seeing if some credentials are better than others (the golden press pass is the “express” and we’ve met only one person who has one). So far, we’ve learned that it’s true what they say about alcohol and altitude mixing, that you can’t wear enough socks to keep your feet warm, and people around here are sure crazy about moose. We’re going to the In Bruges party tonight…more tk!