Won't Somebody Please Consider the Foreclosed Pets?

Outside of bubbly Manhattan, millions of Americans are hurting after a brutal year of subprime mortgage woes. (President Bush tried to help last month by introducing a toll-free tip hotline for homeowners, but the number he gave was for Texas’ Freedom Christian Academy.)

And so today, the country’s largest animal protection organization had this message for worried Americans: “With a foreclosure crisis sweeping the nation, The Humane Society of the United States is disturbed by reports that some residents forced out of their homes are simply leaving their pets behind. The HSUS urges all pet owners faced with foreclosure to take their pets with them when they relocate.”

Their brutal email, titled “Foreclosure Victims Urged to Remember Pets When Relocating,” says pets in abandoned homes are usually found “on the brink of starvation.”

So what can you do? Pet owners facing tought times are told: “While buying expensive toys and accessories has become a popular way to demonstrate your attachment to your pet, your pet can be just as happy with less expensive toys or homemade toys. They need your love and attention more than a pricey product.”

And there’s this: “Let your veterinarian know that finances are tight and ask that he or she prescribe only the most vital vaccinations to keep your pet healthy.”

Oddly, there’s a classic Simpsons episode on just that subject.

Won't Somebody Please Consider the Foreclosed Pets?