You’re Up, Larry! Port Authority Weeks Away From Ceding Tower Sites

With the Port Authority’s announcement on Monday that it is facing four to six weeks of delays at Ground Zero, it seems Larry Silverstein will have to wait a few more weeks before his test begins.

Assuming the Port Authority, which owns the site, finishes excavating the bathtub for World Trade Center Towers 3 and 4 within the next few weeks, as it expects, Mr. Silverstein will indeed be in the spotlight, as for the first time in over six years the ball will be almost entirely in his court.

This test seems to be one that he relishes, as for some time he has been anxious to try to wow New York City with the speed and efficiency of the private sector (pressure is added by the fact that he’s paying some $215,000 a day in rent for the sites). His deputy for World Trade Center development, Janno Lieber, often boasts about his design team, claiming they have met every single deadline thrown at them.

Of course, that’s a bit easier to say from their 7 World Trade Center office than it is when building more than six million square feet of new space, though their time to prove themselves awaits.