Zang Froid: Designer Toi on Gay E-Mail Gag, and the Great Old Adirondacks Resurgence in Fashion

Last week, Zang Toi—a New York-based fashion designer beloved by the likes of Ivana Trump, Sharon Stone, Eva Longoria and Patti LaBelle—apparently had his e-mail account breached by a nasty prankster. The Daily News reported the following day that the counterfeit message (which The Daily Transom also received), held an invitation to join Mr. Toi on

Today, Mr. Toi, who is openly gay, spoke to us about the hoax.

“One of my girlfriends sent me back an e-mail right away saying, ‘Your e-mail has been hacked!’ She sent me the e-mail and a couple more of my good friends called up, and we all had a great laugh about that!” he said.

After asking his company’s tech-support manager to change all of his computer passwords, Mr. Toi decided he should follow the first e-mail with some kind of explanation.

“Hi everyone … someone hacked into my computer, and my computer guy is looking into the matter. If you do receive this mail … please please please DISREGARD it!” he wrote.

The designer is now back to work, fine-tuning 15 pieces from his fall 2008 line for his Feb. 8 runway show. The look is “Old Adirondacks,” he said, but “a very sophisticated and glamorous version.”