A Round Of Shots, Please! A-Listers Warned About Hepatitis A

Boozehounds are often warned about potential liver problems.

But recent patrons of Armin Amiri’s trendy Socialista club may be at risk of something beyond cirrhosis: Hepatitis A.

The Health Department is advising as many as 800 Socialista patrons to get vaccinated, after a bartender at the Greenwich Village hotspot was diagnosed with the contagious liver disease, according to the Wall Street Journal health blog. (Free shots are available at P.S. 41 this weekend.)

A number of celebrity patrons may have been exposed on Feb. 7, according to Page Six: “ASHTON Kutcher and Demi Moore should run out and get hepatitis-A shots ASAP. So should Madonna, Lucy Liu, Salma Hayek, Kate Hudson and Bruce Willis.”

According to Newsday:

The hepatitis A virus is found in fecal matter. If someone with the disease doesn’t wash his or her hands properly and handles food or drinks, the virus can be spread.

And you wondered why the Health Department had become such a stickler for sinks.