Another Sign the Clinton Campaign May Think It's Behind

It’s not just the $5 million loan.

Another sign that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is scrambling to find its footing after Feb. 5 is their insistence again today in an open letter to Obama campaign manager David Plouffe on more debates.

“I was disappointed to see that Senator Obama rejected the idea of having more debates given the fact that he and Senators Clinton have had only a single one-on-one debate,” writes Clinton Campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle in the letter. “I think we can do better and so does Hillary.”

But just a couple of weeks ago, on Jan. 23, when Clinton accepted the endorsement of Governor Edward Rendell of Pennsylvania, which holds its primary on April 22, the Governor put the blame squarely on what he called “far too many debates” for the nastiness that seemed to be percolating in the contest between Clinton and Obama.

Behind him, Clinton, nodded more emphatically than usual in agreement.

Clearly something has changed. With the constantly expectations-lowering Mark Penn telling MSNBC the “next series of primaries favor our opponent” the Clinton campaign is hoping for something to distract voters from what could be a momentum-generating series of wins for Obama leading up to Texas and Ohio. As a reporter pointed out to Penn on a conference call this week, if there are any constants for those who have covered political campaigns for years, it is that calling for debates is something you do when you’re behind.



Another Sign the Clinton Campaign May Think It's Behind