Beastie Boy Forms Indie Film Company

Ch-check it out! Adam Yauch, a.k.a. MCA of the Beastie Boys, is launching his own independent film distribution company. “We’re kind of winging it,” Mr. Yauch told the Hollywood Reporter. He plans to release two to 10 films in the first year. Former ThinkFilm vice president David Fenkel will run Oscilloscope Pictures, an arm of Mr. Yauch’s music and film production outfit Oscilloscope Laboratories. These guys worked together on the Beastie Boys documentary Awesome! I F***in’ Shot That! at ThinkFilm. They’ll oversee postproduction and marketing work at the Oscilloscope Laboratories’ downtown Manhattan production space. The duo plans to acquire narrative and documentary features from festivals for release in the U.S. and provide funds to complete and release unfinished films. Mr. Fenkel told the Hollywood Reporter that many of the company’s marketing campaigns will incorporate an “indie music-style, DIY approach.” Keepin’ it real, we see.