Birkhead Plans to Sue Over Anna Nicole Book

Larry Birkhead, the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, tells the Daily News‘ Ben Widdicombe that he plans to sue over a forthcoming book on the life of the late tabloid star.

The book, titled Anna Nicole: Portrait of an Icon, was written by Anna Nicole’s dress designer Pol’ Atteu and his partner Patrik Simpson; it is to be published this week by Corona Books, described on its Web site as “a cutting edge publishing company that offers a unique approach which dares to take risks on controversial subject matter.” The head of the company is “Hollywood Super Madam” Jody Babydol Gibson.

According to the Daily News, Mr. Birkhead thinks the Anna Nicole book contains lies about him, including the suggestion that he was romantically involved with a “young and handsome male counselor” at a camp for HIV-positive youth.

“They are absolutely crazy, their stories are false, and they will be sued,” Mr. Birkhead told the News.