Boola Boola…and Moola! Aging Yalies Raise Hell on Upper West Side

Last October, in the chandeliered Tap Room of New York’s Yale Club, some members of the college’s Class of 1987 were lunching together when Timothy P. Harkness, class secretary, and one of the litigators that represented Arthur Andersen in the Enron trials, had a capital idea.

Why not re-create the 30-year-old New Haven tradition of “Feb Club,” a month-long chain of nightly campus parties thrown by Yale seniors, to alumni around the globes?

E-mails were sent; bashes in Greenwich, Paris, Aruba, Houston, etc, were arranged; 1,450 alums signed up for Facebook’s Feb Club for Old People group.

The Feb. 1 opening-night party was held in New York, of course, in a West 75th Street townhouse owned by Mr. Harkness’ classmate Kara Unterberg and her husband, a Harvard grad (the horror), who runs a massive hedge fund. Lithe 31-year-old Anittah Patrick, 1999 class secretary, in a Yale-blue dress and four-inch heels, was outside the townhouse. “You’re not a full meal, you’re a snack,” she told the Transom—Class of 2006.

“There was at least one woman in my age group looking for older single men,” she said, gesturing toward the townhouse, where techno party lights built into the entryway ceiling were blasting blue. Ms. Patrick is throwing a Feb Club party in Aruba on Valentine’s Day.

The morning after the festivities, Mr. Harkness took a plane to Beverly Hills, for a Feb Club party at the Crescent Hotel. “The holiday season is done, and the spring season of socializing hasn’t started,” he said. “A lot of people need something to do.”

But how will New York area Yale alums entertain themselves for the rest of this sad month? There are SoHo and midtown parties coming up, but first, another ’87 lawyer named Paul Sarkozi, who specializes in “complex commercial litigation and arbitration,” is throwing a Feb Club in Larchmont this Friday. The theme is Mardi Gras.

Boola Boola…and Moola! Aging Yalies Raise Hell on Upper West Side