Brodsky Vs. Wylde on the Green-ness of Congestion Pricing

Assemblyman Richard Brodsky of Westchester and Kathy Wylde, president of the Partnership for New York City, debated the mayor’s congestion pricing plan on NBC’s News Forum, which was taped this afternoon and will air Sunday.

Here’s one of the highlights, in which Brodsky and Wylde debate whether or not environmental groups are actually supporting the plan.

Mr. BRODSKY…What everyone can say about the concept, they gut the state environmental laws. For the first time…


Mr. BRODSKY: …there would be a…

Ms. WYLDE: Why is every environmental organization in the city and state in
favor of this, then?

Mr. BRODSKY: They’re not.

Ms. WYLDE: They are. Name one that’s not in favor of this.

Mr. BRODSKY: Well…

Ms. WYLDE: Every health organization…

Mr. BRODSKY: Gabe…


Mr. BRODSKY: Help me, Gabe.

Ms. WYLDE: …every environmental organization, every business

Mr. BRODSKY: I–all I want to do is just get my…

Ms. WYLDE: …are supporting this. This isn’t–it…



PRESSMAN: …and she raises a legitimate issue, which is why are the
environmentalists for it if it’s so terrible?

Mr. BRODSKY: Well, I–some environmentalists are and some environmentalists
are against it.

Ms. WYLDE: Who’s against it?

Mr. BRODSKY: You want organizational names?

Ms. WYLDE: In the environmental community?

Mr. BRODSKY: Yes. I–some of the witnesses who testified, very clearly, are against it, the chairman of the Assembly committee on the environment, among others. But hold on a second.

Ms. WYLDE: Who’s that?

Mr. BRODSKY: Kathy, you’re going to have to just let me talk here for a
minute. Now…

Ms. WYLDE: I don’t have to.



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