Celebrity Stumpers: Heeere's Johnny! Jack Nicholson Goes Live For Hillary Clinton

Actor Jack Nicholson has taken a real shining to Hillary Clinton. In this audio clip, recorded last week, radio host Rick Dees puts the 70-year-old actor, who went on the air to endorse the senator from New York, on “a party line” with Ms. Clinton, 60.

“I thought you were going to call in and stop me perhaps,” Mr. Nicholson says with a gravelly laugh. “Oh, no! I’m thrilled to have your support—it’s great,” Mrs. Clinton, who calls herself a “big fan and friend of Jack’s,” responds. Then things turn slightly awkward …

“I’m getting terrible static, so if I drift off the point, you’ll have to forgive me,” Mr. Nicholson can be heard saying in his trademark this-is-just-how-it-is tone. After clarity is restored to the line, he starts to stump.

“As far as her positions which she’s clearly stated in many occasions that I’ve watched her speak about Iraq—you know, it’s very simple to say what you would or wouldn’t have done in this or that situation. She was apparently misinformed by the president about the process and people forget about the timing at these times….As I heard the senator herself say, ‘If had been in [Mr. Bush’s] position, this particular question would not have arisen.’”

Mr. Nicholson then begins talking, in rather ambiguous terms, about how after Mrs. Clinton is elected she will go over to the Pentagon and demand this and that. Mr. Dees quickly shifts the conversation to Mrs. Clinton’s travel schedule. And because this is such a rare, excellent opportunity for real Americans to ask the maybe president hard-hitting questions, the radio jockey selected only one query from “the 50,000 questions” that had been sent in.

Here’s what curious listener Michelle had to say: “The question is: I’ve heard that Chelsea’s getting married, she’s engaged. And is she actually a bridezilla, to be honest?”

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