Celebrity Stumpers: John Mayer Has Room For Squares, Ron Paul

Okay, so it’s not exactly a new stump speech. Or even a speech, really. (Heck, are these people even celebrities?) In any case, this ethanol-scented clip features singer John Mayer getting into a tiff with former Mac spokesman Justin Long. Whatever about? Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul, of course—a politician Mr. Mayer is game to go to the mattresses for.

Mr. Long, who has somehow leveraged his Apple gig into a real acting career, insists that he and Mr. Mayer are just loudly agreeing (“We’re saying the same thing!” he shouts), but the cuddlesome crooner doesn’t seem to see it that way. “What Ron Paul wants to do…,” he shouts over and over, before being shoved further from Mr. Long and his curiously large posse. “What about Condoleezza [Rice]?” Mr. Long then asks Mr. Mayer, while someone (also famous?) jumps on his back. “No, not [drag performer] RuPaul,” Mr. Mayer hollers back, before adding: “Ron Paul! Read the constitution.”