Celebrity Stumpers: Mike Huckabee Heats Chuck Norris' Coals

Yummmm…What’s that delicious smell? Oh, my stars—it’s the “Chuck 4 Huck” Barbeque, of course!

In this promo clip for Republican Mike Huckabee, actor Chuck Norris, enunciating and gesticulating like he’s speaking to a mature golden retriever, invites viewers to join his Internet cookout party for the presidential hopeful and former governor of Arkansas. During the political party, Mr. Norris says he plans to—wait for it, wait for it—take guests on a virtual tour of his Texas ranch! For anyone still on the fence, the 67-year-old former Walker star, a nasty martial artist, surely seals the deal by promising to show off “the workout area where I train.” There won’t be any dessert, because it’s hard to serve dessert over the Web. BUT! “My black belts are going to give a demonstration,” Mr. Norris says.