College Crowd to Clinton in East L.A.: Yes You Can

Who knew that policy initiatives could get such a reaction on college campuses?

In a rally this morning at California State University in East L.A., Hillary Clinton used words like “affordable,” “student loan” and “apprenticeship training” to elicit cheers from the audience.

Sure, there were cameos Sally Field and Magic Johnson and music from the underappreciated Mariachi Divas.

But Clinton’s last campaign events before Feb. 5 are all about the stump speech, with umistakable (although policy-based) shots at Barack Obama to hammer home the distinctions between the two candidates on health care.

“My opponent will not commit to universal health care,” she said to boos from another big crowd gathered in another university gym. “I do not believe we should nominate any Democrat who will proudly stand here today…” At this point, the crowd then drowned her out with a roar of applause.

“I am willing to talk in detail,” Clinton said at another point, adding, “because I want you and any you and you and you to hold me accountable.”

“Yes she can! Yes she can” the largely Hispanic crowd chanted in reply.