Congestion Pricing Debate: Brodsky on the 'Lock Box'

Last night in Brooklyn, Assemblyman Richard Brodsky debated congestion pricing with Michael O’Loughlin of the Campaign for New York’s Future.

Since polls have shown that New Yorkers are much more likely to support congestion pricing if the money is used to improve mass transit, supporters like O’Loughlin want to guarantee that money would be put into “lock box” dedicated to mass transit. (Councilman John Liu wrote about this yesterday in the Daily News).

In the clip above, Brodsky says that in politics, there’s no such thing as a lock box, and he brings up Eliot Spitzer’s recent raiding of one as proof.

In the clip below, O’Loughlin responds by implying that if lawmakers in Albany can’t keep money from being diverted away from a project they guaranteed to fund, they aren’t doing a very good job.