Delegate Tally, N.M. Holdup, the Potomac Primary

It looks like Obama may have more delegates than Clinton now, although her campaign disputes the math. [Ben]

Still no definitive results from New Mexico. [Albuquerque Journal]

Up next, the Potomac Primary! [AP]

Mike Huckabee says there’s two men in the G.O.P. race, and he’s one of them. [ABC]

“It is tough to saddle up this AM,” says one top adviser to Mitt Romney. [CNN]

Howard Dean says Huckabee and Romney are done. [Liz]

Beth Reinhard sees a “wink” from Dean on Florida and Michigan delegates. [Naked Politics]

John McCain got more media coverage than any other G.O.P. candidate last week. [Washington Wire]

Ned Lamont voters handed Barack Obama his Connecticut victory. [NY Times]

Rush Limbaugh’s presidential candidate didn’t win the primary, but his “golf buddy” won a seat on the Palm Beach town council. [Q Blog]

Delegate Tally, N.M. Holdup, the Potomac Primary