Dennis Quaid On Board to Star in Three G.I. Joe Movies

Not only is Dennis Quaid gearing up to play General Hawk in Paramount’s upcoming G.I. Joe movie—the 53-year-old actor has confirmed that he’s signed on for three such action-adventure flicks, also confirming speculation that Paramount is aiming to build a franchise out of the films, the online entertainment news site reports. Mr. Quaid was out promoting Sony’s new thriller, Vantage Point, on Friday when he took questions about his forthcoming role playing the “real American hero” that commands the Joe team, he described the character as “a cross between Chuck Yeager and Sgt. Rock and maybe a naïve Hugh Hefner thrown in there.” He also said he’s been lifting weights, “trying to look like the cartoon,” although judging by Collider’s side-by-side comparison of Mr. Quaid and General Hawk, he’s not all that far off! G.I. Joe is slated for release in 2009.