Early Nostalgia for the Great Primary of '08

Distinguished Observer alumnus Andrew Rice writes in on the debate:

You know, that Hillary closing really was genuinely remarkable. I can’t say I’m sure it was heartfelt-that whole “some people ask me how I get up in the morning” was a clear reference to the famous tearing up in NH-but I guess part of being a politician is putting emotion (or its appearance) behind carefully calibrated words. I was only half listening to the debate, and when she started going, I stopped and listened closely, because somehow I had that weird tingly sense you sometimes get when something is about to happen. I don’t know if one flash of terrific eloquence is enough to save her candidacy, but I am certain that if she’d showed this kind of political skill all along-and by “all along,” I mean since 2000, if not 1992-this whole thing would have gone a whole other direction. And every time something like that happens, I get this odd feeling of premature nostalgia, because you just know we’re never going to see another primary campaign like this in our lifetimes.