Elsewhere: N.Y.R.A., Wisconsin, Haiku

obamashoeweb Elsewhere: N.Y.R.A., Wisconsin, HaikuThere is now, finally, a N.Y.R.A. deal.

Michael Bloomberg the legislature and governor missed an opportunity to deal with O.T.B.

Rick Davis isn’t pleased about Barack Obama’s frequent mention of McCain’s “half-century of service” to the country.

The woman who ran Hillary Clinton’s Iowa campaign is in Wisconsin for her now.

Sometimes, even for Obama, the size of the crowd is all in the camera angle.

The Governor of Puerto Rico endorsed Obama.

Clinton leads Obama in Rhode Island, 36-28.

Michael Crowley defends Mark Penn, “because somebody has to.”

A coalition of local groups finds many things wrong with the Willets Point redevelopment plan.

Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign manager backs Obama.

Obama has a new ad up in Wisconsin.

The marriage with Empire is over,” says Mohawk Chief Barbara Lazore.

The Working Families Party says Joe Bruno broke their hearts.

Al Sharpton is opposed to seating delegates from Florida and Michigan at the Democratic convention.

Howard Wolfson says, “Superdelegates are supposed to vote their conscience.”

Clinton is running a negative ad in Wisconsin about Obama’s refusal to participate in a debate there before the primary.

Andrew Hevesi is afraid Andrew Cuomo will use Project Sunlight to "attack" lawmakers, and Hevesi wants his colleagues not to fund the program [added].

And Streetsblog makes haiku from Richard Brodsky’s opposition to congestion pricing.

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