Farewells to Romney

The crowd at the Conservative Political Action Convention really didn’t want to see Romney go. [Jonathan Martin]

Anna Marie Cox wonders what will get John McCain out of bed in the morning, now that Romney is gone. [Swampland]

Is Romney the “big endorsement” that the McCain campaign says is in store for tonight? [PolitickerMD]

Marion Barry endorses Obama. So far no announcement from Obama campaign. [Wash Post]

Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas will endorse Hillary Clinton. [Ben]

McCain opted not to vote on the economic stimulus passage, likely because “Voting ‘no’ with Republican leaders would have offended millions of Social Security recipients and the disabled veterans not scheduled to receive rebates. Voting ‘yes,’ on the other hand, risked alienating Bush, GOP leaders and conservatives already suspicious of McCain’s political leanings.” [Boston Globe]