Former Ramones Drummer Markets New Line of Safe Sex Kits

Those NYC Condoms that the health department distributes are so ’07. This year, the hottest new safe sex trend is–Hey! Ho! Let’s go!–the Marky Ramone signature condom! Pitchfork reports that the former Ramones drummer has partnered with the safe sex education company Ready Two Go to market a new line of “Safer Sex Kits,” each which includes a few rubbers (courtesy of LifeStyles), some lube, and an STD resource card. The kits come packaged in black or silver tins bearing the Ramones’ insignia inscribed with Marky Ramone’s name and a spoof on one of the band’s album titles (“Too Tuff To Break,” get it?). And all that for just $4.95! Ten percent of the proceeds go to the Bronx-based HIV/AIDS advocacy organization CitiWide Harm Reduction.