Former Socialite Rank Duo to Star in Documentary?

A tipster just called to offer some gossip!

Allegedly, after the Carlos Miele show Wednesday, our spy was hanging out backstage in the W Lounge at Bryant Park, where he ran into step-siblings Olga Rei and Valentine Uhovski. The Russian-born duo, who were responsible for the shuttered society-tracking Web site, entered the exclusive space with a female TV producer who recently left MTV Networks, the eyewitness said, to launch her own production outfit.

Much to the apparent dismay of Mr. Uhovski and Ms. Rei, who “were in the middle of eating a Pop Burger” at the time, the producer slipped and said she has been overseeing a project based on the ubiquitous twosome’s life. “I don’t know her name because they snatched her out of my claws,” the source said. “Olga and Valentine flipped out!”

We just called Mr. Uhovski, currently a reporter at The Daily. While he could confirm that he and Ms. Rei have never been involved in any kind of television show, he refused to comment when asked whether they are involved in a documentary project.

“I can’t really comment on that,” he said, before ending the conversation.

Former Socialite Rank Duo to Star in Documentary?